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April 2023


Mixed media: acrylic and oil on canvas, with mirror.

Riflettere (from the Latin reflectĕre) as a transitive and intransitive verb, means to fold back or turn back.
Intellectually, reflection entails redirecting one's thoughts towards something, reconsidering it, and pondering it anew.
The question I posed to myself is: "Who are you?" I conveyed my response through self-portraiture. Subsequently, on the other canvases, I adorned them wit fragments of my memory, pieces that constitute my life, up to the present day.
Simultaneously, I pose the question to the viewer, albeit in a mirrored and decipherable manner, accessible only through reflection in the mirror. This reflection isn't frontal but rather backward, akin to how one uses a car's rearview mirror.
This shift in perspective isolates us, placing us in a dual and intimate relationship between the self and the mirror.
By reflecting with our eyes and tracing our amnestic traces, will we uncover the truth?
Will viewers be drawn to verify their appearance or engage in introspection?
Will the thin veil of plastic succeed in obscuring the identity of the depicted?
To facilitate introspection, I based my chromatic exploration on serene and objectively pleasant tones, gradually shifting the tonal gradient towards white. Thus, the imagined, painted, and reflected light serves as a beacon guiding human understanding.

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