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April 2023


cm 48x24x16
cm 25x24x16
cm 25x24x16


Metal and wood cage, photograph, metal keys, gold leaf

In one of the 10 rules of the Decalogue, Milton Glaser, one of the greatest creatives of the twentieth century, quotes Gerald Edelman, a renowned professor of brain anatomy, who says that making an analogy between the human brain and computers is simply pathetic. According to Edelman, the brain is more akin to an overly lush garden, constantly growing, continuously receiving seeds, and perpetually sprouting new life.

Inspired by the concept of "sprouting," I created my first artwork titled "My Garden." In this piece, I depict a bust of a woman, with a plant sprouting from the top of her head, yet confined within an open birdcage.

Subsequently, I explored the theme of cages further, culminating in the creation of "Plan B." This artwork was conceived with the ambiguous metaphor of a cage representing division. Within its confines lies a labyrinthine pathway, delineated by red-colored dividing walls, intended to evoke feelings of disorientation and introspection. Like any labyrinth, the ultimate hope is to find freedom at its exit.

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