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Video Installation




Palazzo della Cultura di Potenza


Fabric, Hair, Looping Video

Two mitres, each perched atop pedestals roughly the height of two women, bear distinctive marks: one adorned with a blonde braid, the other with a cascade of black braids. These symbols speak to a society rife with discrimination against women and diverse ethnicities across our planet.

The artwork serves as a testament to the ongoing marginalization of women, even within the Catholic Church an institution meant to champion equality among all humanity.

The recent, albeit modest, inclusivity efforts of the Synod, which granted women the right to vote for the first time, mark a tentative step towards the cultural shift necessary for genuine progress.

I am compelled to protest the systemic exclusion of women from ecclesiastical roles a departure from the Church's inherent mission to promote equality, as it has historically done, and to break free from the isolating constraints imposed upon women for far too long.

My aspiration is to reverse the course, to pave a path forward through the transformative forces of fire and water destroying barriers while fostering renewal.

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