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Passaggio di consegne




June, 2023


Etruscan "Galestro" Clay"


cm 50x40x35
cm 50x20x25
cm 45x25x25

Clay, various dimensions, 2023

In the installation “Passaggio di consegne," it marked my first venture into using clay for my artworks. The installation aims to portray a terrestrial landscape marked by debris, resulting from the scars, alterations, and layers accumulated over time.

At first glance, the artifacts might resemble tree barks hollowed out from their vital essence, akin to shells drained of their life force.

They serve as harbingers of fragility, emptiness, the metamorphosis of an apocalyptic landscape that we are passing on to my children, our children, as direct inheritors and recipients of the legacy left by those who came before them. Those who have, unfortunately, paid little attention to their future, exploiting natural resources excessively and recklessly.

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